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Here you can find help topics on many common issues. If you are unable to solve your problem using these help topics please contact ZOLL Support

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What are the minimum system requirements for using ZOLLHosted?

Supported OS Versions

Supported Browsers

Outbound Firewall Requirements:

Supported Windows Authentication Settings:

Browser Limitations

Installing the ActiveX Control in IE

The supported RDP version for ZOLLHosted is RDP 8.1


Installation links

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How do I access ZOLLHosted through app.zollhosted.com?

https://app.zollhosted.com is a Remote Desktop Services Web site. Here you can login with your ZOLLHosted user account to launch the ZOLL applications hosted for your organization.

Login Instructions

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How to configure RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

What is RemoteApp and Desktop Connections?

RemoteApp and Desktop Connections is a feature included with the Windows OS in versions 7 SP1 and newer. It allows you to setup a connection to the ZOLLHosted RemoteApp server to automatically put the icons for your published applications on your workstation. These icons will make the connection to RemoteApp without using the app.zollhosted.com website.

How to Setup RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

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ZOLLHosted Online Help Resources

ZOLLHosted training videos

Help Resources on the ZOLLData.com page

NOTE: These pages require a ZOLLData.com customer login

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ZOLL Hosted Maintenance Window

ZOLL Hosted has a maintenance window scheduled between 7PM to 11PM Mountain Standard Time on the third Wednesday of every Month

During the maintenance window your systems will be briefly unavailable to perform the following tasks

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ZOLL Hosted E-mail Notifications

ZOLL Hosted will need to occasionally send e-mails to you. These e-mails will come from noreply@zollhosted.com. Below is a list of when this occurs.

Monthly Maintenance

The pre-scheduled e-mail notification that informs customers of monthly systems maintenance.

Customer Admin Welcome E-mail

The automatic e-mail notification that sends a welcome e-mail to anyone added to the customer admin group and describes what that account can do.

Password Expiration

The automatic e-mail notification that sends a reminder e-mail that the user’s password is about to expire.

Password Reset

The automatic e-mail notification that sends a verification code when a “forgot my password” request is sent for that user’s account.

Audit Inactive Users

The pre-scheduled e-mail notification that informs customers to review inactive users (e.g. ex-employees, employees on extended leave, etc.).

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Contacting Support

If you are unable to solve your problem using these help topics please contact ZOLL Support

ZOLL Support

Phone: (800) 663-3911

RescueNet Support e-Mail: support@zoll.com

FireRMS Support e-Mail: supportfd@zoll.com

Normal Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Emergency after-hours support is available for RescueNet Dispatch, RescueNet CommCAD, RescueNet FireRMS and RescueNet ePCR 24 hours a day.

For customer administrators calling to change your email address, add customer administrators to your account or make other sensitive changes to your account, support will ask for your Employee ID

To find your Employee ID Login to selfservice.zollhosted.com on the page you will find your unique employee id under the name section.

For more information follow this link to the ZOLL Support page

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